Artificial Intelligence

Sync your business with emerging technologies

Using technology to mimic cognitive functions, a business can take actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. Working in the following four ways, AI has the potential to introduce new avenues of growth, enhance efficiency and develop appropriate governance.

  • Automated intelligence: Computerization of manual/cognitive and routine tasks.
  • Assisted intelligence: Facilitating faster and better work routines.
  • Augmented intelligence: Improving decision making process
  • Autonomous intelligence: Automating without human intervention.

Intelligence exhibited by machines, has applications in almost every industry.

  • Aviation:
    • Simulators
    • Drones
    • Rule-based expert systems
  • Computer science:
    • Time sharing
    • Interactive interpreters
    • GUIs
    • Automatic storage management
    • Functional programming
  • Education:
  • Finance:
    • Banking
    • Customer service
    • Fraud protection
    • Investment
    • Market analysis and data mining
    • Portfolio management
  • Security:
    • Smart homes
    • Object/facial recognition
  • Underwriting:
  • Heavy industry:
    • Robots
    • Automation
  • Human resources and recruiting:
    • Screening of resumes
    • Ranking of candidates
    • Automated responses/li>
  • Healthcare:
    • Computer-aided interpretation
    • Companion robots for the care of the elderly
    • Mining medical records/li>
    • Designing treatment plans
  • Marketing:
    • Online advertising network
    • Statistics management
  • Music and Media Streaming:
  • Entertainment:
  • News, publishing and writing:
  • Customer services:
  • Telecommunications:
  • Video Games:
  • Transportation:
    • Navigation
    • GPS
    • Online travel/booking services
  • Social Media:
    • Feeds
    • Recommendations
    • Notifications
    • Web searches

Our role embeds intelligence across the entire enterprise, creating new opportunities to innovate, operate and execute projects.

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