Website And App Development

Serving Minds builds online presence that leverages the strength of internet for the benefit of your business. Going BEYOND THE TRADITIONAL business environments, we facilitate virtual market spaces that are cost effective, have wider demographic reach, build your credibility and increase your sales. In addition to building a website, we also create business applications that keep your brand visible to customers all the time, providing them a value that improves customer engagement and cultivate their loyalty. We build anything from a single-pager websites, personal blogs, product landing pages to highly sophisticated online shopping experiences. However large or small is your operation, our websites take care of clunky functionality and technical issues to help you cut it in such a highly competitive market.

Attention to detail that focuses on tailored solutions:

• Bespoke designs and customised application development.

• Aesthetic web development that elevates your brand image with visually appealing colours, typography and front-end.

• Professional graphic design and an interactive user experience.

• Skill set comprising of HTML, CSS, Java, Java Script, Python, SQL, PHP, Ruby, Mean and other programming languages.

• Focus on dashboard development, data visualization and application integration that give the benefit of trusted guidance and only the best solutions.

• Refined approach that combines scalability with future business plan to adapt as the website load increases, thereby accommodating growth, changing systems, databases and networking.

• Personalized user experience that curates content and experience specifically for a particular user.

• Optimized text, video and audio that gives a website the necessary speed it needs to load fast. Users don’t want to wait for slow content to download; they need their information quickly and without delay.

• Stable and quick business applications that take a user in and out with minimum taps or seconds, do not crash or slow down mobile devices.

Why clients like to work with us?

Serving Minds develops intelligent, results-driven solutions with a passion for creativity and imagination. Where ever possible, we use open source CMS that reduce the cost as there are generally no licence fees. That ways, clients pay only for the development time spent on building the website or business application.

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