About Us


Serving Minds is a progressive, agile company with a fine international network of clients ranging from industries as diverse as education, advertising, manufacturing, aerodynamics, hardware, designing, financial, real estate and services. With decades of combined experience, and a strong team spread across multiple cities, we work to the tune of global economy.

We feel proud of establishing a work culture that is strong, promotes values and believes that good ideas can come from anyone.

Absolute fairness in dealing with both internal and external customers, we believe in taking a creative approach to empower those working around us.

Whether within the same city or overseas, we work with clients with the same competence, resourcefulness and attitude to foster collaborations that last for a long time.

We operate in a highly competitive industry where every client has different demands. We value their urgency and work diligently to honour the commitments that we make.

Core Competencies

  • Deliver ongoing value to shareholders.
  • Provide high level of service to customers.
  • Recognised as the best in the regions we operate in.
  • Three decades of experience in IT business processes.
  • Clear focus that provides a rewarding and fulfilling environment for all staff.

Hundreds of companies put their trust in Serving Minds Solutions and IT Services. Read more about the success stories of our customers.